Mendenhall Mystery Series

Below is a listing of the Mendenhall Mystery novels and short stories, along with their year of publication.



A phone call sends Kate Williams, chief of police of the tiny Manitoba town of Mendenhall, rushing home to Quebec to deal with the hit-and-run accident that put her mother in the hospital.

The more questions she asks, however, the more she suspects that the accident wasn’t really an accident. Investigating outside her own jurisdiction, Kate faces resistance from the local police force and her own family. Just as her determined pursuit of the truth finally starts to bear fruit, however, the unthinkable happens. Now, a terrible crime that may have been intended for her forces her to return to Mendenhall.

The fourth in the Mendenhall Mysteries series, The Untethered Woman returns readers to the wonderful characters of Mendenhall and to Kate Williams, the town’s stubborn chief of police. Other books in the series include The Shoeless Kid, The Tuxedoed Man, and The Weeping Woman.

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Weeping Woman THE WEEPING WOMAN (April 2013)

Kate Williams doesn’t do vacations well. She likes her job as chief of police in tiny Mendenhall, Manitoba. But her niece, the chef, is working too hard, and Kate decides a week by the beach in Gimli is just the ticket. Once they get to the cottage on the lake, however, she discovers something weird going on. And then her niece starts behaving strangely…

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Cover Tuxedoed ManTHE TUXEDOED MAN (December 2011)

An ‘accidental’ death, a train wreck and dark secrets in a deadly northern winter:

When a man wearing a tux—but no shoes—turns up dead at the scene of a train crash, Kate Williams, chief of police of a tiny northern town, quickly realizes that his death wasn’t accidental. During one of the most brutal winters in recent memory, Kate needs all her resources to discover how the dead man ended up in the snow. The deeper she digs, the deeper the mystery.

When her beautiful niece suddenly arrives on her doorstep, sowing distraction and rivalry among Kate’s constables, Kate worries that she may have to ship her niece back home, if only to get everyone’s attention back on the guy in the tux.

Then her niece goes missing.

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Kate Williams, Mendenhall’s new chief of police, is a woman with both work-boot-clad feet planted firmly on the ground. She takes the job hoping it will be a change from the hassles of the big city. Instead, she finds a deeply divided police station with internal rivalries threatening to tear it apart. So when a crazy old man walks into her station with a kid’s high top sneaker and a wild story about a kidnapped boy, she ignores him. She doesn’t have time for flights of fancy.

But then it turns out a boy really is missing. Now Kate has to turn her dysfunctional detachment into a working police force and find him before it’s too late.

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McKell's Christmas coverMCKELL’S CHRISTMAS (September 2013)

Deputy Chief of Police Rob McKell doesn’t trust Christmas. Two of his ex-wives left him at Christmas. Besides, bad guys don’t take time off during the holidays so why should he? But when the chief orders skeleton crews at the detachment for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, he has no choice but to comply. Not that he minds, really. He has a Christmas Eve date with the lovely Jillian, a gemologist with an independent streak, for the all-important meeting of her friends.

Jillian isn’t like any woman he’s ever met, and soon he’s revising his opinion of Christmas—and of long-term relationships. But before the evening ends, Jillian’s dangerous past will put both their lives and their fragile new relationship at risk… and prove that McKell’s misgivings about Christmas are well-founded.

A short Mendenhall Mystery featuring Chief Kate Williams and Deputy Chief Rob McKell by the author of The Shoeless Kid, The Tuxedoed Man and The Weeping Woman.

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The Priest-Kobo copyTHE PRIEST (July 2013)

Chief of Police Kate Williams doesn’t understand why Constable Trepalli calls her into his investigation of the break-in at the priest’s house. The young constable is a competent investigator and doesn’t usually need hand-holding, especially for a straightforward B&E. Then Trepalli shows her what he found on the priest’s bed and Kate’s heart sinks. Now she will have to confront the priest—a man she doesn’t know well but respects—and brave the Catholic Church’s ire.

It’s going to be a long day.

A short story featuring Chief Kate Williams by the author of The Shoeless Kid, The Tuxedoed Man and The Weeping Woman.

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NIGHT SHIFT- a Mendenhall Short Mystery

Driving back to Mendenhall late at night in a thunderstorm, Chief of Police Kate Williams stops to check out an accident only to find herself fighting for her life. A Mendenhall Short Mystery by the author of The Shoeless Kid and The Tuxedoed Man.

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