Of men, swords and wraiths…

I am very pleased to announce the publication of Jilimar. The inspirations for this one involved me getting up in the middle of the night and seeing a man sitting on the deck in the moonlight, with a sword across his lap. I blinked and he was gone, only to reappear as Cerdic in the novel. I’m happy with the story, and hope you will be, too.

JilimarWhen her husband Owen goes missing, Leah goes looking. To her shock, she finds herself on Jilimar, a world with no technology, flying monsters and a husband who is a stranger. But Leah won’t let anything keep her from getting Owen back home: not her growing fondness for this new world, not Owen’s new-found responsibilities, and not the kidnappers who take her hostage. Then she learns that the madness overtaking Jilimar may soon descend on her own world.

Jlimar is available immediately as an e-book at Smashwords, Amazon.com, and Amazon.ca. It will soon be available through Kobo and all other e-distributors. It will be coming out as a trade paperback in March.


Praise for Marcelle Dubé mystery short stories

Oh, be still my foolish heart. Kristine Kathryn Rusch named two of my mystery shorts in her November recommended reading list:

Lincoln City BluesLincoln City Blues (amazon | kobo | smashwords)

“Marcelle is one of the most charming mystery writers I know. She writes deceptively quiet stories that have a real bite to them. I first read this story in a workshop, and still remember it years later. It’s a classic mystery, which starts with a woman walking into an office, and one you’ll remember for a long time as well.”

McKell's Christmas coverMcKell’s Christmas (amazon | kobo | smashwords)

“McKell, a cop in Manitoba, finally gets a Christmas Eve off. He has dinner with his girlfriend’s friends. One friend brings a new boyfriend, and tensions rise—just not in the way you’d expect. The Canadian setting is real, the mystery is fascinating, and the characters excellent. Pick this one up.”

These recommendations are especially thrilling for me as I am such a fan of Kristine Rusch’s stories. If you haven’t read her in her various incarnations (Kris DeLake, Kristine Dexter, Kristine Grayson, Kris Nelscott), you are in for a treat. She writes everything from the Retrieval Artist series (science fiction) to the Smokey Dalton series (historical mystery).


Falcon Ridge Publishing has been bringing out my novels as trade paperbacks. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to repatriate the novels originally published under my pen name, Emma Faraday, by publishing them under my real name. The first trade paperbacks are part of my Mendenhall Mysteries series:Weeping Woman COVER-blogTuxedoed Man COVER blog version





And the third one is Backli’s Ford, which was originally published under the Emma Faraday name:


All three can be ordered wherever print books are sold, and are available at Mac’s Fireweed and Coles, in Whitehorse. Coming soon are Kirwan’s Son and Obeah, in the next few months.