The Man in the Mask

My short story in the Masked Mosaic anthology, “The Man in the Mask,” in now available as a stand alone story. It’s part of the A’lle Chronicles, in which the A’lle crash-landed on Earth in the early 18th Century and have been trying to make a place for themselves among humans ever since. The events in “The Man in the Mask” pre-date the events in Backli’s Ford by a few years, but still involve a mystery.

Man in the Mask-FINAL

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Getting To Know Me…

The lovely Shirley Wells invited me to be her first guest for her Getting to Know series. It’s up now on Shirley’s web site. We talk about country vs city, pets and bucket lists, and it was fun! If you’ve never encountered Shirley Wells before, let me introduce you. Shirley writes the Dylan Scott mystery series set in Northern England. A wonderful series, highly recommended.

A Raffle at NYUS

My friends at Not Your Usual Suspects have organized a raffle. Until April 1, you can enter for a chance to win one of six mystery novels by Not Your Usual Suspect authors, including my own The Tuxedoed Man. this is a great opportunity to discover a new-to-you author, for free. Here are the stories on offer:

Drop by NYUS to enter, and good luck!


The Verdant Gene

FR Moonscapes ebook cover webI may have died and gone to Heaven. The Fiction River anthology: Moonscapes has just been released and my short story, “The Verdant Gene,” is in it. Not only am I chuffed to have made it into a Fiction River anthology, but I am humbled at the company my story will be keeping there: Annie Reed, Steven Mohan, Jr., Scott William Carter, Kristine Kathryn Rusch… and that’s just to name a few.

Here’s the blurb:

We all look up at the moon and wonder. And maybe dream. For centuries, the moon  filled our imaginations. Eleven professional writers took those dreams and set  original stories on moons scattered all over the galaxy. Yet, as the dreams of centuries, every story holds a human touch. From a mythical man fulfilling a
childhood wish to a fantastic addition to Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s bestselling Retrieval Artist series, this volume of Fiction River allows you to travel to eleven different moons without leaving the comfort of home.

Fiction River is an original fiction anthology series. Modeled on successful anthology
series of the past, from Orbit to Universe to Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine, the goal of Fiction River is to provide a forum for “original ground-breaking fiction of all genres.”

For more information on the Fiction River anthologies, visit:

Moonscapes is available as an ebook and as a trade paperback from regular retailers including:,,, kobo, chapters

Of men, swords and wraiths…

I am very pleased to announce the publication of Jilimar. The inspirations for this one involved me getting up in the middle of the night and seeing a man sitting on the deck in the moonlight, with a sword across his lap. I blinked and he was gone, only to reappear as Cerdic in the novel. I’m happy with the story, and hope you will be, too.

JilimarWhen her husband Owen goes missing, Leah goes looking. To her shock, she finds herself on Jilimar, a world with no technology, flying monsters and a husband who is a stranger. But Leah won’t let anything keep her from getting Owen back home: not her growing fondness for this new world, not Owen’s new-found responsibilities, and not the kidnappers who take her hostage. Then she learns that the madness overtaking Jilimar may soon descend on her own world.

Jlimar is available immediately as an e-book at Smashwords,, and It will soon be available through Kobo and all other e-distributors. It will be coming out as a trade paperback in March.


Praise for Marcelle Dubé mystery short stories

Oh, be still my foolish heart. Kristine Kathryn Rusch named two of my mystery shorts in her November recommended reading list:

Lincoln City BluesLincoln City Blues (amazon | kobo | smashwords)

“Marcelle is one of the most charming mystery writers I know. She writes deceptively quiet stories that have a real bite to them. I first read this story in a workshop, and still remember it years later. It’s a classic mystery, which starts with a woman walking into an office, and one you’ll remember for a long time as well.”

McKell's Christmas coverMcKell’s Christmas (amazon | kobo | smashwords)

“McKell, a cop in Manitoba, finally gets a Christmas Eve off. He has dinner with his girlfriend’s friends. One friend brings a new boyfriend, and tensions rise—just not in the way you’d expect. The Canadian setting is real, the mystery is fascinating, and the characters excellent. Pick this one up.”

These recommendations are especially thrilling for me as I am such a fan of Kristine Rusch’s stories. If you haven’t read her in her various incarnations (Kris DeLake, Kristine Dexter, Kristine Grayson, Kris Nelscott), you are in for a treat. She writes everything from the Retrieval Artist series (science fiction) to the Smokey Dalton series (historical mystery).


Falcon Ridge Publishing has been bringing out my novels as trade paperbacks. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to repatriate the novels originally published under my pen name, Emma Faraday, by publishing them under my real name. The first trade paperbacks are part of my Mendenhall Mysteries series:Weeping Woman COVER-blogTuxedoed Man COVER blog version





And the third one is Backli’s Ford, which was originally published under the Emma Faraday name:


All three can be ordered wherever print books are sold, and are available at Mac’s Fireweed and Coles, in Whitehorse. Coming soon are Kirwan’s Son and Obeah, in the next few months.



From the Not Your Usual Suspects blog post August 7, 2013:

Most people take vacations to rest. They go to the cottage, a resort or the beach to unwind and relax.

On my vacations, I go to writers’ workshops in Lincoln City on the beautiful Oregon coast. And there’s nothing restful or relaxing about ‘em.

I’ve just returned from the latest one. It was an eight-day “Advanced Master Writing and Business Seminar” and it was—bar none—the most mind-blowing business experience I’ve had as a professional writer. Some of the topics we covered included:

  • Selling to traditional publishers in the new world
  • Copyright law and contract law for fiction writers
  • Cash streams and cash flow for writers
  • Accounting for writers
  • Advanced audio training for audio books
  • How to sell short fiction to traditional publishers
  • Advanced cover design

The main instructors were Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and Scott William Carter. They were aided by Christina F. York, accountant by day and mystery novelist by night (writing as Christy Fifield and Christy Evans); Jane Kennedy, writer and audiobook producer for WMG Publishing; Allyson Longuiera, publisher of WMG Publishing and professional graphic designer; Lee Allred, writer and all-around cool guy; Matt Buchman, who writes fabulous military romances and was a Project Manager in a previous life; and a surprise guest speaker, Mark Lefebvre, who writes fiction under the name Mark Leslie and whose day job is Director of Self-Publishing & Author Relations, Kobo Inc. I mean, how cool is that?

Weeping Woman We had the wonderful Sheldon Mcarthur, owner of North by Northwest Books in Lincoln City, who not only submitted to an interview with Dean Smith about how a bookstore owner does business with an independent publisher (including writers who publish their own books), but who also hosted a group book signing at his store, which included me and my two books, The Tuxedoed Man and The Weeping Woman.

Not only did we learn a lot from the formal presenters, we learned a lot from each other, too. We were over 30 participants from all over the U.S. and Canada, not to mention the United Kingdom and Germany. I was seated between two fabulous writers, Karen Abrahamson and Annie Reed, both of whom are well published, experienced and very generous with their knowledge.

Can you see why this was exhausting? I filled two notebooks and by the end of the week, I felt like information had to be shoehorned into my brain because it was already so full.

And to top it all off, the participants were invited to submit two short stories for consideration for two Fiction River anthologies edited by Dean Wesley Smith, and he bought my story for the Moonscapes one!

I left Oregon buzzing with ideas, information and plans. And in spite of the fact that it was very tiring and that no lying about on the beach took place, the writer in me is refreshed and recharged, ready to roar!

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The Weeping Woman

The Weeping Woman My latest Mendenhall Mystery, The Weeping Woman, has just gone live! Here’s the blurb:

Mysterious crying in the middle of the night… a strange light climbing where there are no stairs…

Kate doesn’t like vacations—she’d much rather stay on the job as chief of police of tiny Mendenhall, Manitoba. But her niece Amanda has been working too hard at her fledgling catering company. So Kate rents a cottage in Gimli, a beach town on the shore of Lake Winnipeg. Things go awry when in the middle of the very first night they hear a woman crying from the cottage next door. When Kate checks it out, however, there’s no one there.

Unsettled, Kate and Amanda start looking into the strange events next door. Then a series of thefts and arson attacks in Mendenhall draw Kate back home. To her surprise, the investigation into the Mendenhall crimes and the Gimli mystery spiral ever closer to each other. Then Amanda disappears and Kate will have to use all her skills if she is to protect her niece and right historic wrongs.

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Masked Mosaic now available

I can’t wait to hold my very own copy of Masked Mosaic! The anthology’s formal title is Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories and is published by Tyche Books. It was edited by Claude Lalumière and Camille Alexa, with a foreword by Mark Shainblum, who created Northguard.

My story is The Man in the Mask, under my Emma Faraday pen name, and I am in excellent company. Just take a look at the post below this one for the full list.

Masked Mosaic is also available, either as an e-book or in paper format, from:
Amazon.COM, .CA, .CO.UK

…and other fine retailers. :-)